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Geelong Advertiser 26th June 2010
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8 July 2010
This Week’s Feature – Chasing The Dream At Oxide Gallery



Champagne Pool


Wooden Posts

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Kona Howlett’s creative photography speaks for itself. Chasing the Dream, Kona’s first solo exhibition, shows the beauty of the natural world as well as the work of nature on our local landmarks. From the colours of the dragonfly, to the forlorn wooden posts which were once the Clifton Springs Jetty, these photographs capture a world which usually goes unnoticed.
Kona Howlett is an untrained local photographer with a natural eye for composition and a flair for turning the ordinary into an artform. Her exhibition of photographs, about to open at Oxide Contemporary Arts, features landscapes, underwater, creative and macro.
Kona is passionate about the natural world and hopes this exhibition will raise awareness and give us another view of nature. She photographs insects that are normally looked at as pests and shows their beauty and grace. She uses macro photography, taking extreme close-ups to present creatures to us in minute detail. Lying in the grass with her camera she becomes part of the natural world as she patiently photographs an ant playing with its leg, the beauty and grace of a dragonfly or the abstract patterns made by weeds.
Kona grew up in Bendigo and, living right on the edge of town, she would escape to the natural bushland opposite her home at every opportunity. There she spent hours studying the wildlife and insects and immersing herself in the natural world. When her older sister studied photography in Year 11 and 12, Kona became fascinated with the medium and learnt as much as she could from her sister. After that she continued to study on her own, collecting as many books on the subject as she could lay her hands on.
After moving to Geelong 11 years ago, seaside structures became another great love of Kona’s, whether created by man or by nature. Under Kona’s lens, the underside of the Point Lonsdale pier becomes an abstract artform.  She has photographed the Twelve Apostles and the Great Ocean Road with sweeping vistas from sunrise to sunset, capturing the mood with fantastic colours.
Kona has recently had work on display at Carriageworks in Sydney, and she was also a finalist in the nature section of Photography Vibes and will have her work published in their 2010 best-of anthology. The exhibition opens tomorrow and all are invited to go along and support this local artist in her first solo exhibition.

Date: 9 July 2010
Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Dates: 12 to 30 July 2010
Times: 3.30pm to 6.30pm Monday to Thursday,
10.00am to 4.00pm Saturday 17 July, and by appointment.
Venue: Oxide Contemporary Arts, 3 McLarty Place, Geelong
Cost: Free entry
Contact: 0422 527 302